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Composed on August 20 2012 / Comments

Why Wouldn’t You Put this in Your Arsenal?

So many people today are struggling to see the link to what they eat and how it truly affects their health. They know that they may feel badly after a meal, but do they really understand how it affects their health?

For those battling cancer, or even the ones simply trying to protect themselves from cancer, there is hope. There is exciting research that supports the fact that the food you eat does affect your body, both good and bad. There is an exciting talk given by William Li, on anti-angiogenesis that we have linked to on this blog. What if you could cut off the blood supply to tumors before they were visible? What if you could do this by eating specific foods? What about sugar and cancer? Watch the following great lecture by Robert Lustig, MD that dives deep into how sugar affects our bodies.

Click here to watch "Sugar: The Bitter Truth"

Another great read that was published in the New Your Times, discusses the question, “Is Sugar Toxic?“.

There is so much you can do with the food you eat. Learn how to add food to your cancer fighting arsenal by exploring the diet foundations health track we have at Plateology which you can check out with a 30-day free trial. Watch the videos about sugar and check out the recipes in our dessert section to see how easy it is to get your diet sugar-free. You will find all kids of wonderful treats. For all of the antioxidant rich veggies and fruits look at the vegetable, salad, or side dish categories in the recipes section for loads of great tasting dishes. At Plateology we have loads of recipes and tips to help you get your diet sugar-free! You can even have some wonderful treats and goodies without sugar.

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