Yeast-free healthy holiday tips

Composed on November 01 2013 / Comments

As we approach the holiday season it becomes very easy to forget all that we know about good nutrition. So many people wish they could just skip the holiday season because of the cheating, weight gain, or the junk food consumed. It does not have to be that way! There are excellent substitutions for all of your favorites that won’t leave you feeling guilty. You can still help your body heal and enjoy the holidays! Planning ahead will help to keep you from going backwards and will get you to your goal faster.

Try These Tips:

  1. Using fresh vegetables with your favorite dip like Hummus or Walnut Pate.
  2. Substitute natural sweeteners like rice syrup or stevia or a combination for sugar in recipes.
  3. Cut the sugar by 1/3 for a lower sugar version of your favorite goodies. Then you can use the options of rice syrup boosted with Stevia or just Stevia.
  4. Be sure to search the holiday recipes for some new ones you can add to your repertoire.
  5. Don't forget to order an antibiotic free turkey for the season. The leftovers are a great treat!
  6. Sweet and spicy nuts are a great option for an indulgence.
  7. Plan ahead and be sure you have something you like to replace the goodies you will be exposed to.
  8. Eat fresh fruits and whole grain yeast free crackers instead of cookies and sweets.
  9. Freeze some of your favorite yeast free meals ahead for those very hectic shopping days.
  10. Eat before you go shopping, and take a high protein snack with you.
  11. Plan ahead so you can eat in a restaurant that serves antibiotic free meat like Qdoba or Chipotle.
  12. Don't forget about something to drink! Either carry good water, herbal tea, or even an occasional Zevia pop.
  13. Drinking enough water will help you stay with your program.
  14. Don't forget to keep some vitamin C with you to help if you cheat or feel bad.
  15. Reward yourself in a different way than eating a food that will feed the yeast; like a massage, facial, or a movie.
  16. Be sure you keep exercising, it will help you detox and stay on track.

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