Part 1 - Detoxing: The best liver detoxifier

Beets are the best liver detoxifier. They cause the liver to get rid of toxins. Try them baked or in a smoothie. Beets may turn your stool or urine blood red so don’t panic. 

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Part 2 - Nutrient robbers: Let’s talk about Vitamins E, K, and C

On todays episode, we will talk about some of the common factors that can block or inhibit Vitamins E, K, and C. These are everyday medicines for some of us, and you might not be aware that they might be blocking your body from getting the nutrients it needs!


Part 1 - Symptoms women should pay attention to: Three symptoms you should never ignore

Many times women will ignore symptoms in their own lives that they would never ignore in the lives of their friends and loved ones. Today we have three common symptoms that women typically ignore, but could be signs of bigger problems.

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Part 2 - Let's talk about calcium - What are the bad calcium supplements?

There is a big difference in the forms of calcium supplements. From neutralizing stomach acid to causing bone spurs and kidney stones, it is important to avoid these poor forms in everything.


Part 1 - Cancer and Sugar: Is it True Sugar Feeds Cancer?

Many studies support the link between sugar and cancer.

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Part 2 - Getting ready for the big game: Dips and appetizers for the big game

Your beverages are in place, now what should you serve for appetizers for the big game? How about a hummus dip that Jodi came up with especially for this year's game! Add some veggies and fruit and your guests won't even know they are eating healthy!


Part 3 - Getting ready for the big game - Carb options and protein for the big game

The big game is almost here and all you have left to plan are some carbohydrate options and some protein sources. We have ways you can give your guests both of these in some healthy, but still tasty recipes!