Part 1 - Protein: How to buy meat

Antibiotic free proteins: Make sure that the animal has not been fed antibiotics or hormones. 

These antibiotics in the meat can cause us to become antibiotic resistant and cause changes in the fat of the animal that can be detrimental to our health.

Antibiotic meat is highly advertized on the label.  Read all labels closely to make sure meat is antibiotic free.

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Part 2 - Nutrient robbers: Let’s talk about Vitamins E, K, and C

On todays episode, we will talk about some of the common factors that can block or inhibit Vitamins E, K, and C. These are everyday medicines for some of us, and you might not be aware that they might be blocking your body from getting the nutrients it needs!


Part 3 - Let’s talk about poop - Final tips about your stool

On our final episode this week, we have some more information about what your bowel movements could be telling you. There are many simple steps you can take to make going to the bathroom more healthy, and make sure you are having the right kind of stool every day!


Part 1 - Fats: Understanding fat

Gain control of your fats. Make fats work for you by understating the secret of what to eat.

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Part 2 - How to choose a weight loss plan: Insulin resistance and weight loss

Are you having trouble losing weight even though you have cut back on your calories dramatically? You may have insulin resistance! On today's episode, we have some tips to help get you started losing weight if you have insulin resistance.


Part 1 - Let's talk about calcium: Foods that are good sources of calcium

Calcium is critical for many processes in the body. Many people are lactose intolerant, which makes it hard to find food sources of calcium! On today's episode, we will talk about some of the processes that need calcium, and some example of non-dairy foods that have calcium in them.

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Part 2 - Gallbladder disease: Foods and supplements that support the gallbladder

On today’s episode, we have a couple more signs and symptoms that might indicate gallbladder problems. We also have some quick diet changes and supplements that might help provide some support for your gallbladder!