Part 1 - Grains: Tips for getting more grains in your diet

We need more variety of grains. Take a grain that is unfamiliar to you and perfect a recipe that utilizes it. Think quinoa, millet, buckwheat, or couscous. 

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Part 1 - Migraine headaches: Why do I get migraine headaches?

This week we will be exploring some of the reasons people get migraine headaches, and what to do about them. Today we will talk about one of the main reasons people suffer from migraines and what to do about it.

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Fall Favorites - Apples

There are hundreds of different ways to use apples, we share a few of them with you today!

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Part 3 - Personal Care Products: More things to avoid in your personal care products

Today we give you even more ingredients to be on the lookout for when you are choosing your personal care products. From lead-containing ingredients to an ingredient to make your shampoo foamy, we will help you pick out those ingredients that might be harmful to your health.


Part 2 - Cancer and diet: How can my genetic code help me fight cancer?

As we learn more and more about what certain genes indicate, we are getting better at customizing a dietary plan based on those genes. Our genetic code can indicate a number of possible problems, and if we tailor a diet based on that code, we can fight and prevent cancer much more effectively.


Fall Favorites - Pumpkin

Today we share how to prepare fresh pumpkin and also some ideas for how to use it!


Part 3 - How to change our recipes during the holidays: How to use stevia and other substituions

On our last episode this week, we will help you use stevia and other substitutions, including extracts, in your recipes. Weather it's a special holiday treat or an everyday recipe, you can use these tips to make your food better for you and your whole family!