Part 1 - Grains: Tips for getting more grains in your diet

We need more variety of grains. Take a grain that is unfamiliar to you and perfect a recipe that utilizes it. Think quinoa, millet, buckwheat, or couscous. 

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Part 2 - Fruit: Becoming a savvy fruit shopper

Learn how to save money and shop smart with tips on buying and storing fruit throughout the year. Become a smart shopper. Learn which fruits to avoid, tips to save money and when you should buying organic produce.


Part 3 - Please don't drink your milk: More reasons avoiding milk is good for your whole family

On our final episode on why you should avoid drinking milk, we have some more research that supports avoiding milk, some more bad effects milk can have on your body, and some ways you can safely use milk. Milk has especially bad effects on children, including increasing their risk for Type 2 diabetes and obesity!


Part 2 - Getting ready for the big game: Dips and appetizers for the big game

Your beverages are in place, now what should you serve for appetizers for the big game? How about a hummus dip that Jodi came up with especially for this year's game! Add some veggies and fruit and your guests won't even know they are eating healthy!


Part 3 - Avoiding depression during the holidays: How can sleep help you avoid depression?

On our final episode this week, we have a couple more supplements that can help you avoid depression during the holidays, plus we will explore how getting the right amount of sleep can be critically important to your mental health.


Part 3 - Detoxing: Understanding detox programs

If you are looking for a more intense detox program join us to learn about one of the best and scientifically proven detox products on the market.


Part 1 - Food Emergencies: How to handle a food emergency

Find out what your options are if/when you are caught in a food emergency

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