Part 1 - Insulin Resistance: Understanding insulin resistance

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Part 2 - Please don't drink your milk: How exactly does milk harm my health?

Today we will provide more hazards related to drinking milk and consuming dairy products. Milk really can rob us of our health. From heart disease to breast cancer, there are so many reasons not to drink milk!


Part 3 - Let’s talk about vitamins and minerals: Getting more out of your supplements

On our final installment this week, we have some more quick and easy things you can do to prevent certain foods from blocking the way you absorb nutrients, and how to get the most out of your supplements!


Part 2 - Avoiding depression during the holidays: Exercise and nutrients role in your mental health

Today we will talk about how exercise and nutrients can affect your mental health during the holidays. Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can go a long way toward preventing seasonal depression!


Part 2 - Food Emergencies: What to do if you made a bad food choice

Learn how to counteract reactions from bad food choices


Part 2 - Water: What counts as water

Not all water is created the same. Learn which kind of water to drink and what other liquids do not count toward your daily water intake.


Part 1 - How to choose a weight loss plan: Choosing the right weight loss plan for you

This year, many people will be trying to lose weight. On today's episode, we share some basic tips for choosing a weight loss plan that is right for you.

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