Part 1 - Insulin Resistance: Understanding insulin resistance

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Part 2 - Food Emergencies: What to do if you made a bad food choice

Learn how to counteract reactions from bad food choices


Part 3 - Balancing your hormones: Two more tips to balance your hormones

Today we have the last two of our five tips to balance your hormones. Leptin resistance and having a healthy thyroid are crucial to getting your hormones balanced.


Part 3 - Healthier Holidays: More tips and dessert ideas

On todays episode, we share some more substitutions you can make to make holiday favorites healthier, some ideas for making dessert healthier during the holidays, and some fun ideas to get some exercise after your meal!


Part 1 - Food Emergencies: How to handle a food emergency

Find out what your options are if/when you are caught in a food emergency

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Part 3 - Insulin Resistance: Assess your risk for insulin resistance

Follow this 1 simple tip to assess your risk of insulin resistance


Part 1 - Balancing your hormones: How do fats affect hormone balance?

Balancing your hormones is important to many women and men. In order to get your hormones balanced, you need to start by getting the right fats into your diet, and getting rid of the bad ones!

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