Part 1: Holiday Tips - Making Holiday Meals Healthier

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Part 3 - Personal Care Products: More things to avoid in your personal care products

Today we give you even more ingredients to be on the lookout for when you are choosing your personal care products. From lead-containing ingredients to an ingredient to make your shampoo foamy, we will help you pick out those ingredients that might be harmful to your health.


Part 3 - Healthier Holidays: More tips and dessert ideas

On todays episode, we share some more substitutions you can make to make holiday favorites healthier, some ideas for making dessert healthier during the holidays, and some fun ideas to get some exercise after your meal!


Part 1 - Let’s talk about vitamins and minerals: Little known tips about vitamins and minerals

Today we want to share some little known tips about vitamins that might help you in your daily life. From neutralizing carcinogens to reducing the hangover-feeling caused by alcohol, these simple tips can make a huge difference to your health!

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Part 3 - Protecting your immune system this holiday season: Two more tips to boost your immune system

Today we give you the let two of our 6 easy tips for boosting your immune system this holiday season. Armed with all 6, you should be able to keep your immune system functioning at a high level this winter and holiday season!


Part 2 - Please don't drink your milk: How exactly does milk harm my health?

Today we will provide more hazards related to drinking milk and consuming dairy products. Milk really can rob us of our health. From heart disease to breast cancer, there are so many reasons not to drink milk!


Part 2 - Let’s talk about vitamins and minerals: Little-known foods that block vitamins and minerals

On today’s episode, we share some of the little-known foods that can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals. From tap water to black tea, we have ways you can prevent these foods and drinks from having a negative effect on your life!