Part 1: Holiday Tips - Making Holiday Meals Healthier

Link to our Easter Salad

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Part 3 - Give the gift of health: Personal ways to give the gift of health

On our final episode this week, we have some ideas for how you can give your loved ones a personal gift of health. These simple ideas are thoughtful ways you can give of yourself for those special people in your life this holiday season.


Part 3 - Dealing with coughs, colds, and the flu, naturally.

Join us in part 3 of our Coughs and Colds series to learn which oils and vapor rubs can help open your sinuses and alleviate symptoms of coughs and colds.


Part 2 - Nutrient robbers: Let’s talk about Vitamins E, K, and C

On todays episode, we will talk about some of the common factors that can block or inhibit Vitamins E, K, and C. These are everyday medicines for some of us, and you might not be aware that they might be blocking your body from getting the nutrients it needs!


Part 2 - Dealing with the stomach flu: Staying hydrated when you have the flu

Hydration helps your body get well. Learn how to stay hydrated even when you have the stomach flu.


Part 3 - Eating out at restaurants: Simple tips to make eating out healthier

On our final episode this week, we have some very simple tips that can make eating out at a restaurant so much healthier. From simple things you can do to make a salad healthier to sharing one of your favorite meals; if you go into a restaurant with a plan, you are much more likely to stay true to your diet!


Part 2 - Digestive Issues: Dealing with gas and bloating naturally

Learn how to avoid embarrassing gas and bloating with simple and natural products.