Part 1 - Genetics: Who needs to look at their genetics?

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Part 1 - Give the gift of health: How can I give the gift of health?

This week we will teach you different ways you can give the gift of health to your friends, family, and loved ones. On today's episode, we have a few different simple ways you can give the special people in your life a meaningful, healthy gift that keeps giving long after the holiday season is over.

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Part 2 - Genetics: Methylation's Effects on the Body

Learn if you have this gene and how to treat it.


Part 3 - Getting ready for the big game - Carb options and protein for the big game

The big game is almost here and all you have left to plan are some carbohydrate options and some protein sources. We have ways you can give your guests both of these in some healthy, but still tasty recipes!


Part 2 - Protecting your immune system this holiday season: Two supplements that help your immune system

Today we will remind you of two quick and easy supplements you need to remember to take in order to keep your immune system functioning at a high level this holiday season.


Part 2 - Migraine headaches: How can food cause migraines?

Today we talk about the link between food allergies and migraines. There are so many foods that can cause an allergic reaction that leads to a migraine. A simple allergy test can help you determine if something as simple as a food allergy could be causing your chronic migraines!


Part 3 - Please don't drink your milk: More reasons avoiding milk is good for your whole family

On our final episode on why you should avoid drinking milk, we have some more research that supports avoiding milk, some more bad effects milk can have on your body, and some ways you can safely use milk. Milk has especially bad effects on children, including increasing their risk for Type 2 diabetes and obesity!