Part 1 - Healthier Holidays: Turkey and Stuffing

  1. You can reduce the fat and chemicals in your family's holiday meal by planning ahead.
  2. Find an organic or antibiotic-free turkey to serve for Thanksgiving this year.
  3. The difference in quality and taste between an organic turkey and a regular turkey is huge!  Well worth the price difference.
  4. Prepare your organic or antibiotic-free turkey the same way you would a regular turkey.
  5. You will find that a smaller amount of organic turkey will satisfy you!
  6. If you don't normally stuff your turkey, try just stuffing it with an apple and an onion.
  7. If you do stuff your turkey, try a gluten-free stuffing this year, maybe with wild rice, millet, or quinoa.
  8. Check out for lots of recipe ideas for both turkey and stuffing!

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