Part 1 - Protecting your immune system this holiday season: Two quick tips for a healthy immune system

  1. The holidays and winter season are an important time to keep your immune system as healthy as possible.
  2. Most people neglect the most simple ways they can boost their immune system.
  3. Keeping your gut healthy is the most important thing you can do to help your immune system.
  4. 60% of your immune system is in your gut!
  5. It is important to keep taking your probiotics during the holidays and the winter.
  6. Avoid sugar and white flour to help keep your gut healthy.
  7. The food you eat can suppress or stimulate your immune system.
  8. Drinking plenty of water is also critical to your immune system.
  9. Water helps detoxify your body.
  10. Try drinking only water and herbal tea this holiday system and winter, and see the health benefits!

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