Part 1 - How to change our recipes during the holidays: Quick tips to make holiday favorites healthier

  1. We have some quick and simple tips to make your holiday favorites healthier.
  2. Try using meringue instead of marshmallows to top your sweet potato casserole.
  3. You can also substitute some orange slices and toasted almonds instead of marshmallow.
  4. Make a homemade white sauce to substitute instead of cream of mushroom soup in your green bean casserole.
  5. Use toasted, slivered almonds instead of the french fried onions to top your green bean casserole.

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Part 1 - Healthier Holidays: Turkey and Stuffing

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Part 1 - Let’s talk about poop: An introduction to bowel movements

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Part 2 - How to help our children eat healthy: Getting your kids to eat healthy: Step 2

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