Part 1 - Let's talk about calcium: Foods that are good sources of calcium

  1. Calcium's importance is backed up by years worth of research.
  2. From bone health to eye health, calcium is important for many of the body's processes.
  3. Many of the food sources of calcium are dairy, so what is a person to do if they are dairy intolerant?
  4. There are many non-dairy food sources of calcium!
  5. Many foods are also fortified with calcium, which is a good source.

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Part 1 - Food Emergencies: How to handle a food emergency

Find out what your options are if/when you are caught in a food emergency

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Part 1 - Let's talk about calcium: Foods that are good sources of calcium

Calcium is critical for many processes in the body. Many people are lactose intolerant, which makes it hard to find food sources of calcium! On today's episode, we will talk about some of the processes that need calcium, and some example of non-dairy foods that have calcium in them.

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Part 2 - Cancer and Sugar: Does Sugar Contribute to Cancer?

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