Part 1 - Getting ready for the big game: What to serve for the big game - Drinks

  1. It is important to stick to your diet even though you will have ready-made excuses to cheat all year long (Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, The Big Game, birthdays, etc).
  2. Zevia or sparkling water make great substitutions for pop; we also have lots of great recipes for drinks as well! (See links below)
  3. Sparkling cider is a great way to add some fizz to your drinks without serving pop.
  4. If you are going to have alcohol, serve light or low-carb beer, or try making a great sangria!
  5. Herbal tea or punch also make great drinks for parties.  (Links to some of our recipes are below!)
Lemon Lime Soda -
Root Beer -
Jodi's Favorite Tea -
Lime Chiller -
Hot Apple Cider -
Hot Citrus Cider -
Holiday Punch -
Lemon Lime Soda With Stevia -
Sparkling Apple Cocktail -

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